Goodbye and Hello

Monday was a hard day for the eat cake tri cycling team. We had the incredibly hard task of celebrating the tragically short life of the founder of eat cake tri cycling, Mark Baldwin.

It was his vision that got us to this place.

But on Monday 19th June 2017 we had to say goodbye to one amazing person. Mark left us unexpectedly and tragically on May 14th 2017. We honoured him on Monday by cycling with him to his ceremony in the incredible kit that he designed and ordered before he left us.

We now have the heavy task of picking up the reigns and continuing his legacy to make eat cake tri cycling an awesome community of brilliant people who love to get out there and see the world on two wheels.

The kit is now in its trial stage to make sure it's all that it should be. As soon as we're sure it's brilliant and up to task we'll have some for sale on our website.

So with heavy hearts we say goodbye to Mark and hello to a new beginning of eat cake tri cycling.

Join us on the journey to find out where the wheels take us. The first mile is always the hardest right?

RIP Chap! x

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