Introducing Rusty Man

Reconciling being a greedy pig with Iron Distance racing at 50!

I am back in training this week after falling off my bike last week and bruising my hip. I don’t know what was worse, the pain or sounding really old telling people how much my hip hurt.

Training highlight this week was open water swimming: 3,600 metres for the first time this season. I came out of the water absolutely starving so must remember a post-swim snack next time!

I arrived home even more starving to be greeted with the words, “Roasted aubergine and tomato curry for dinner tonight with cauliflower rice” when really what I wanted to hear was “I have cooked you a massive steak pie with a mountain of mash potato”. The curry was in fact very good with extra roasted courgettes, red onion and red peppers added, but I woke up the next morning still hungry, a good reminder to eat more when planning a long swim.

I talked my 22 year old daughter into making us (mainly me) some banana bread this week.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have any bananas but not wanting to be put off I came up with the idea of using pears, oh yes and some chocolate. The cake turned out well if a little soggy at the bottom, possibly too many pears. Using 70% cocoa solids dark chocolate which recent research shows is good for the heart, circulation and brain along with the pears, it is practically a health food, or so I convinced myself after slice number three.

Work is taking me to Southsea next week so looking forward to visiting the Pie and Vinyl Café; music and food combined, what’s not to like?

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