Rusty Man Squeaks On

It has been “high volume week”, culminating in a circa four hour bike ride on Saturday, half the time at 10% and the other half at 20% above race pace; and Sunday was a long run day at just above race pace, somewhere between 14 and 17 miles. Reason for the vagueness: my Garmin is on the blink! My training had been curtailed by my hip injury but felt good whilst training. However, by Monday evening the pain had returned demonstrating how difficult it is to manage injury and still keep on track with the training plan.

I made James Martin’s Spiced Plumb Crumble this week. Very good flavour, if a little sweet and I didn’t use the Golden Syrup suggested in the recipe (sorry James). I will definitely do it again but will add a little sugar at a time and keep tasting until the balance is right. I also added chopped nuts into the crumble topping for added texture and a bit of protein. I know it’s not cake but it’s along the same lines.

I got in my visit to Pie and Vinyl in Southsea and it didn’t disappoint. I walked in and they were playing Dark Side of The Moon - a middle aged, pie-eating Pink Floyd fan’s dream! The décor is very cool with nothing matching, chairs, plates etc., with two thirds café to one third record shop. Some may be disappointed that the records are mainly new reissues and not second hand originals but there is nothing like thumbing through records, new or secondhand. The pies themselves are a mixture of locally produced and “Pieminster” pies and I had the Pieminster Freeranger Chicken and Ham on a bed of creamy mash - yum. Pie and Vinyl is not specifically a cyclists’ café, there’s no cake and nowhere to put bikes. However, if you like pie and um ... vinyl, it is certainly worth a visit.

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