Still Rusty

Tapering this week, so short fast intervals including a short but hard swim and cycle on Tuesday, a hard but short run on Wednesday, then a cycle/run brick on Saturday. The cycle element was on the turbo trainer so sadly no café stop this week.

Training this week included a trip to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford and swimming in the Olympic swimming pool which was amazing; swimming in a 50 metre pool is great, once you get used to swimming for twice as long without a change of direction! The water is so clear and the whole pool is new pin clean!

I haven’t done any baking this week but the nice weather has made me dust off the barbeque. I found a “paillard of chicken “ recipe on the BBC Good Food website; it is so easy. You bash a chicken breast so it’s nice and thin, which is very satisfying, marinade it in garlic, rosemary, sage, lemon and olive oil for as long as possible (min 2 hours), then chuck it on the barbie. I think this is great way of cooking chicken on the barbeque as it cooks quickly so doesn’t dry out and you can be sure that it is cooked right through. Nice lean protein which tastes great with very little effort.

I have recently read two contrasting views on competing in long distance/ironman triathlon which I thought where both interesting. Daniela Ryf, the current world champion said in a recent article, when asked for advice for making the step up from Olympic distance to long-course racing: “To be honest, long-course racing isn’t harder, it’s easier. You just go for longer”. She has a point, but for an age group athlete this is a bit simplistic.

By contrast, triathlon coach Phil Mosley commented “Ironman is an endurance trial, not a race”. For me personally, Phil’s assessment is closer to the mark, especially for your first few long-distance races. Olympic distance races are between two and three hours for most of us and iron distance races? Well, I will be pleased with between eleven and a half to twelve hours of endurance, with no café stop!

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