Pyrenees Pursuit

How does one set about an epic adventure? Simple; decide upon a really crazy idea and start putting together the logistics! But can it really be that easy? Tim and I thought it would be a great idea to tackle some of the best climbs ever to appear in the Tour de France whilst raising funds through Eat Cake Tri Cycling for a deserving charity: Cyclists Fighting Cancer. As mad as it sounds, for any keen cyclist who loves the Tour de France (TdF), the attraction has always been to try and replicate what our idols achieve day after day. As much as we would like to devote three weeks to our self-imposed challenge, we find ourselves restricting our efforts to four full days of riding. In this time we hope, weather permitting, to conquer six TdF mountain climbs which should be a total vertical climbing distance approaching 12,500 meters including hopefully Col du Tourmalet, Col de Peyresourde and Col d'Aspin.

12.5km straight up is no mean feat, but how do you train for this in the relative lowlands of Hampshire and Surrey when the highest hill is no more than 300m? Simple; do the climb multiple times!! As boring as this is, it has the benefit that it allows you to prepare mentally for the long climbs to come in the Pyrenees. That is a lot of contemplation time; maybe by the end of the trip we might have found ways to solve some of the worlds' current problems, except the most important topical issue: is there a cake that beats carrot cake? Nope!! No doubt there will be lots of debating between Tim and myself to mask the pain we will suffer both physically and mentally, but the stunning views and memories we will share will be reward enough for fulfilling one of our dreams. Do follow our daily blog which will commence on Wednesday 11th October and we hope to share with you some photos of the beautiful Pyrenees scenery . As mentioned, ECTC is supporting Cyclists Fighting Cancer and if you wish to make a pledge please do so at the following Just Giving page:

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