Have Kit...Will Cycle

We're completely over the moon to be able to say WE HAVE KIT!

It's been six months since we lost a dear friend. A friend who's dream it was to create a cycling kit that would bring a group of cyclists together on their Saturday morning rides. A kit that would also appeal and sell to people other than that group of friends and make some money for charity. Mark Baldwin designed the kit that that we now have for sale here.

He would have been beyond proud today to be telling you about this awesome cycling gear.

We're not competing with the big boys in the cycling world. If we can sell a few kits to people who just care a bit more about where they spend their money, then we're happy.

Tell your friends. Tell your cycling groups. Tell everyone and anyone who will listen. The more we sell, the more we raise for charity.

This is for you Mark. xx

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